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October 21, 2011
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Paper Pezzy- Dirge 'G1' by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Dirge 'G1' by CyberDrone
My Paper Pezzy Papercraft of Dirge from the Transformers 'Generation 1' TV Cartoon.

All of the Paper Pezzy Templates are Glue together Papercrafts. ==Glue the white tabs only.==

(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecrafts, Hako Clone and Paper Pezzies Templates are made on MSPaint. and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)

An illustration of my Transformers Paper Pezzies I've made so far with links to the templates can be found here [link]

Links Below of Other Paper Pezzy Seekers Templates

Starscream 'G1' [link]

Thundercracker 'G1' [link]

Skywarp 'G1' [link]

Thrust 'G1' [link]

Ramjet 'G1' [link]

For More Paper Pezzy Templates can be found in my gallery here [link]

I Have Some Custom Cubeecraft Templates that can be found in my gallery here [link]

I Also have some Hako Clone Templates that can be found in my gallery here [link]

Transformers (c) Hasbro
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lovefistfury Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how come more people dont comment on these? we must get you a very larger audience bro, your cubeeformers are amazing! I mentioned you and Aim11 in my last journal that has an explantion as to how mine are built, i keep getting all these messages asking how to build mine, so i told them to look at your pezzy design for reference, since my cubeecraft have the pezzy tabs(all are glue together) still i cannot figure out what is so complicated about mine that people dont understand lol its supposed to be a slimplified version lol
I think people just download them. sometimes I get people asking me how these are put together. I tell them there are some videos on YouTube that show them being made. :)
lovefistfury Mar 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah its a pain right? i didn't think mine were that complicated, i mean they are based on your pezzy design and are the same exact cubee template, whats so hard lol
still i find it rude not to comment, i try to comment on everything
Yeah! I try to comment but I get so many sometimes its hard to. I wouldn't have time to do anything else! hehe XD
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