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All of my papercraft templates are free to download and make for private use only. ((THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE AT CONVENTIONS, CRAFT / FLEA MARKETS, ONLINE AUCTION SITES, CHARTIY FUNDRAISERS, ETC.)) As they are fan art templates I do not own the copyright for the characters/property.

Template creators which I make my papercrafts.

Cubeecraft template designed by Christopher Beaumont :iconcubeecraft:

Paper Pezzy template designed by CyberDrone :iconcyberdrone: (Myself)

Original Hako Clone template designed by Masamune Washington.

Blank templates are free to make your own papercrafts on all 3 designs I use.

Downloaded the blank Cubeecraft template to make our own custom's here

Downloaded the blank Paper Pezzy template to make our own custom's here

Downloaded the blank Hako Clone template to make our own custom's here

[[ I DO NOT TAKE COMMISSIONS OR REQUESTS ]] But am always open to ideas for characters. But I can not promise they will be made.

Also I am fine with people taking photos, videos etc... of any of the work I have done and can be uploaded here on DA or your own websites. All I ask is a link to added to the origianl work here.

Thank you and have fun making the papercrafts. :)

Well that's all the Cubeecraft templates I've made so far uploaded now! I will be adding more when I get round to making them but it takes time and I've not got a lot of it at the moment. I will still be logging on, But hopefully it won't be too long before I can get some more up again but it wont be as many as I've been putting up as I've made most of these a while ago and been uploading them slowly! Besides the good thing is lots of other people are still making more awesome Cubee's even before I had and many will after me for sure and you should totally check them out if you have not already! :)

Here are some links to some of these awesome Cubee's made from fellow dA Cubeecrafters

:iconcubeecraft: :iconangelyques: :iconadrian-nation: :iconhrdrckr33: :iconstarfic: :iconpaulinone: :icontheflyingdachshund: :iconmystermdd: :iconflames2earth: :iconanimeshark20: :icon7ater: :iconviper005: :iconpankismo: :iconjordof131: :icontaxisflashdude: :iconrandyfivesix: :iconmanoshandsoffate: :iconbsg75: :iconsheeeva: :iconbobtheegg: :iconlovefistfury: :iconskgaleana: :iconhollowkingking:

Also these artists and many more can be found at :iconcubee-club: and :iconcubeecraft-collect:


Also you should check out some of my other friends and fellow DA Artists Profiles and work! there great! :)

:icondisplacedmind: :iconcommander-june: :iconfreakshowfenner: :iconcarnivius: :iconcrazyfoxmoon: :iconmikedaws: :iconedamahun: :iconfairycheese: :iconmysterious-lass: :iconsomebodyswish: :iconluna-fantasma:



:icontbhclub: Great Club for Fans of the Disney Movie 'The Black Hole'

:iconmegas-xlr-club: Great Club for this much missed Series

:icontapsfanclub: A Club for fans of the SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters.

:iconstarfleet-x-bomber: A club for fans of the old 1980s TV Show StarFleet X-Bomber.

Other Cool Groups! :D

:iconcubee-club: :iconseekers-club: :iconshortcircuitgroup: :iconzeus-thunderbolt: :iconghostbusters-fanclub: :icondm-fan-club: :iconhe-manfans: :iconteentitans: :iconallstargatefans: :iconautobotcity: :iconadult-swim-club: :icondoctorwhoclub: :iconsw-fanworks: :iconstar-trekking: :iconlooneytunes: :iconu-nspacy: :iconcubeecraft-collect: :iconcybertronians: :icon80scartoonmayhem: :iconback-to-the-1980s: :iconsuperted-lovers: :iconsixth-doctor: :iconventurebrosfantards: :iconvbros: :iconshe-ra-fan-club: :iconmacrossuniverse: :iconspacedinvaders: :icondivine-tutorials: :iconex-ter-mi-nate: :icondoctor-who-art: :iconcybermen-base: :iconbeavis-and-butt-head: :icondudewerawk: :icondwminatures: :iconnot-a-bounty-hunter: :iconaniskywalkerfanclub: :iconpapercraft-corner: :icontrueoptimusprimefans: :iconchibi-templates: :iconsavecaprica: :iconlego-star-wars-club: :iconlegofanclub: :iconhako-papercrafts: :icondd-catalogue: :iconsuperhero-crafts: :iconteam-venture: :iconclasssic-doctor-who: :iconkawaii-world: :iconaquaman-fans: :icondoctorwho----fanclub: :iconstarwars4ever: :iconhellokittyzombie: :iconeleven-and-all: :iconpaper-transformers: :iconthe-comic-book-clan: :icontransformers-scrap: :iconthe-star-wars-freaks: :iconhorror-papercraft: :iconthe-cookie-monsters: :iconepic-tardisness: :iconthedoompatrol: :icondoctorwhopapercraft: :icondwactionfigures: :iconscifipapercraft: :iconuniversalpapercraft: :iconstar-wars-elite:  :iconblitzwingfansunite: :iconghosts-fear-taps: :iconcrafty-doctor-who: :iconpaper-craft-geniuses: :iconstargatewraithqueens: :iconstargatewraithfans: :icondefiance-world: :icontron-the-arena: :icontron-legacy: :icontoy-photographers: :icongame-of-thrones-fans:

I belong too the Cubeecraft Fan Club! Check it out here!…


United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Industrial, Goth, Rock, EBM, Darkwave
Favourite style of art: Anime / Manga

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:icondudewerawk: :iconstarfleet-x-bomber: :icontapsfanclub:


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SuperVegeta71290 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the Faves bro Love 
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
No probs! :)
theSwordofRainbows Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
Not sure if you gave permission, but I think this guy is posting your work.
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Yeah he asked first before posting as he said he changes some of the templates. But thanks for letting me now. Some people don't ask first. :)
theSwordofRainbows Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
ahh. sorry.
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
yay Cambridge B&M finally got in what yours did.  They had two Sandstorms (half the price of mine but oh well, he's worth it) and Blaster and Blitzwing.  I bought the latter two cos why not and if I don't like them I can resell them.   I also bought two actual dwarf hamsters cos I got a cage from a boot sale on saturday and thought it might be nice to own some pets for a change. =)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Good to hear they arrived in your B&M. I'm sure you can get your money back if you decide to re sell them. I find it weird that i never saw these in toys r us at the time and now they are pooping up.

Aww yes i saw your photo of your hamsters. really cute.
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Yeah.  I may sell Blitzwing.  Though he has no face problems (apparently many can't change faces cos of excess paint but I only like the main face anyways), I find him to be a total pain in the butt for transforming cos it's real hard to get any of his modes clicked together properly.  The most successful is the robot mode but that has shoulder issues.   Have you any issues with him?   Also tired of G1 jet plane TF's who can't hide their jet wings well in robot mode (though he's better in that regard than seekers and Windblade) and their jet modes always have their robot modes clearly hanging underneath like some massive carge.   Deluxe movie Starscream is superbly engineered that he is very sleek in both modes.  Amazing they can manage that with a movie character at that scale but not G1 style figures.  Same goes for Optimus Prime particularly the RotF Leader figure who turns from a chunky, realistic truck into a heroic looking athletic robot and yet even 'Masterpiece' G1 Prime fails as a truck as his 'side windows suck' and the rear is still obviously his legs folded back.

Blaster is more fun than I thought.  I wish he was slimmer.  He's so fat cos he can store 3 of those data disc buddies.  And Steeljaw who comes included is a fidgety pain in the butt and not very cool looking.  Blaster himself is very solid and clicks together nicely and if you miss his old boom box mode you can sorta do a version of it if you imagine the wheels as speakers…   Also I like that his fingers on his left hand are molded so you can make him look like he's pressing his own button on his shoulder (which he can actually do, his arms are flexible enough).   His gun is disappointingly small compared to the original G1 version but that's not a big deal.  He looks happy in my version of the Wreckers I've been putting together ('my' Blaster is the awesome US comic version who took on Straxus... that Blaster was badass and a perfect fit for the Wreckers).  Definitely a more fun figure than I thought and works well as long as you ignore the Soundwave version (cos I hate opposing characters using similar molds)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Yeah I have the same problems with blitzwing. his shoulders are a pain on the bum. can't get the to lock into place right. And the soft plastic on the front of the plane mode does not cover his head fully. The face changing feature works fine on mine though.

hehe the boom box mode for Blaster is fun.
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Carnivius Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
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