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Cubeecraft - Warduke by CyberDrone Cubeecraft - Warduke :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 6 78 Cubee - Warduke by CyberDrone Cubee - Warduke :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 7 5 Cubeecraft - Clockwork Droids by CyberDrone Cubeecraft - Clockwork Droids :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 10 56 Cubee - Clockwork Droid 'Ver1' by CyberDrone Cubee - Clockwork Droid 'Ver1' :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 14 0 Cubee - Clockwork Droid 'Ver2' by CyberDrone Cubee - Clockwork Droid 'Ver2' :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 18 0 Paper Pezzy - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 10 4 Paper Pezzy- Michaelangelo by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Michaelangelo :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 13 4 Paper Pezzy- Raphael by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Raphael :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 15 0 Paper Pezzy- Leonardo by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Leonardo :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 11 0 Paper Pezzy- Donatello by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Donatello :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 14 0 Cubeecraft - Purple People Eater by CyberDrone Cubeecraft - Purple People Eater :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 5 13 Cubee - Purple People Eater by CyberDrone Cubee - Purple People Eater :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 5 0 Paper Pezzy- Vashta Nerada by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- Vashta Nerada :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 10 1 Paper Pezzy- The 2nd Doctor by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- The 2nd Doctor :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 12 1 Paper Pezzy- The 1st Doctor by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- The 1st Doctor :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 13 0 Paper Pezzy- The 4th Doctor by CyberDrone Paper Pezzy- The 4th Doctor :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 16 0

Random Favourites

I Bring Fire by Sandramalie I Bring Fire :iconsandramalie:Sandramalie 428 54 VALENTINE'S DAY by Luna-Fantasma VALENTINE'S DAY :iconluna-fantasma:Luna-Fantasma 11 9 Despicable Me Gru 3D by SKGaleana Despicable Me Gru 3D :iconskgaleana:SKGaleana 2 6 Despicable Me Gru by SKGaleana by SKGaleana Despicable Me Gru by SKGaleana :iconskgaleana:SKGaleana 14 0 Spawn by iamtherealbender Spawn :iconiamtherealbender:iamtherealbender 1 0 Space Ghost by iamtherealbender Space Ghost :iconiamtherealbender:iamtherealbender 3 0 Mulder and Scully by iamtherealbender Mulder and Scully :iconiamtherealbender:iamtherealbender 5 0 The Lone Gunmen by iamtherealbender The Lone Gunmen :iconiamtherealbender:iamtherealbender 4 2 Drogo by hollowkingking Drogo :iconhollowkingking:hollowkingking 8 3 The Doctor and the Sea Devil - Canvas for sale by Marc137 The Doctor and the Sea Devil - Canvas for sale :iconmarc137:Marc137 59 7 The Doctors (v.2) by BantamBB The Doctors (v.2) :iconbantambb:BantamBB 139 6 JonSnow by BlackRoseDestiny JonSnow :iconblackrosedestiny:BlackRoseDestiny 11 5 GHOSTBUSTERS by JaumeCullell GHOSTBUSTERS :iconjaumecullell:JaumeCullell 1,258 241 ace  -  commission by nightwing1975 ace - commission :iconnightwing1975:nightwing1975 143 30 Daenerys by hollowkingking Daenerys :iconhollowkingking:hollowkingking 7 1 DEAD HEAT by sebcarey DEAD HEAT :iconsebcarey:sebcarey 35 17

All of my papercraft templates are free to download and make for private use only. ((THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE AT CONVENTIONS, CRAFT / FLEA MARKETS, ONLINE AUCTION SITES, CHARTIY FUNDRAISERS, ETC.)) As they are fan art templates I do not own the copyright for the characters/property.

Template creators which I make my papercrafts.

Cubeecraft template designed by Christopher Beaumont :iconcubeecraft:

Paper Pezzy template designed by CyberDrone :iconcyberdrone: (Myself)

Original Hako Clone template designed by Masamune Washington.

Blank templates are free to make your own papercrafts on all 3 designs I use.

Downloaded the blank Cubeecraft template to make our own custom's here

Downloaded the blank Paper Pezzy template to make our own custom's here

Downloaded the blank Hako Clone template to make our own custom's here

[[ I DO NOT TAKE COMMISSIONS OR REQUESTS ]] But am always open to ideas for characters. But I can not promise they will be made.

Also I am fine with people taking photos, videos etc... of any of the work I have done and can be uploaded here on DA or your own websites. All I ask is a link to added to the origianl work here.

Thank you and have fun making the papercrafts. :)

Well that's all the Cubeecraft templates I've made so far uploaded now! I will be adding more when I get round to making them but it takes time and I've not got a lot of it at the moment. I will still be logging on, But hopefully it won't be too long before I can get some more up again but it wont be as many as I've been putting up as I've made most of these a while ago and been uploading them slowly! Besides the good thing is lots of other people are still making more awesome Cubee's even before I had and many will after me for sure and you should totally check them out if you have not already! :)

Here are some links to some of these awesome Cubee's made from fellow dA Cubeecrafters

:iconcubeecraft: :iconangelyques: :iconadrian-nation: :iconhrdrckr33: :iconstarfic: :iconpaulinone: :icontheflyingdachshund: :iconmystermdd: :iconflames2earth: :iconanimeshark20: :icon7ater: :iconviper005: :iconpankismo: :iconjordof131: :icontaxisflashdude: :iconrandyfivesix: :iconmanoshandsoffate: :iconbsg75: :iconsheeeva: :iconbobtheegg: :iconlovefistfury: :iconskgaleana: :iconhollowkingking:

Also these artists and many more can be found at :iconcubee-club: and :iconcubeecraft-collect:


Also you should check out some of my other friends and fellow DA Artists Profiles and work! there great! :)

:icondisplacedmind: :icontheta-xi: :iconfreakshowfenner: :iconcarnivius: :iconcrazyfoxmoon: :iconmikedaws: :iconedamahun: :iconfairycheese: :iconmysterious-lass: :iconsomebodyswish: :iconluna-fantasma:

My other Da gallery :iconcyberdrone2-0:



:icontbhclub: Great Club for Fans of the Disney Movie 'The Black Hole'

:iconmegas-xlr-club: Great Club for this much missed Series

:icontapsfanclub: A Club for fans of the SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters.

:iconstarfleet-x-bomber: A club for fans of the old 1980s TV Show StarFleet X-Bomber.

Other Cool Groups! :D

:iconcubee-club: :iconseekers-club: :iconshortcircuitgroup: :iconzeus-thunderbolt: :iconghostbusters-fanclub: :icondm-fan-club: :iconhe-manfans: :iconteentitans: :iconallstargatefans: :iconautobotcity: :iconadult-swim-club: :icondoctorwhoclub: :iconsw-fanworks: :iconstar-trekking: :iconlooneytunes: :iconu-nspacy: :iconcubeecraft-collect: :iconcybertronians: :icon80scartoonmayhem: :iconback-to-the-1980s: :iconsuperted-lovers: :iconsixth-doctor: :iconventurebrosfantards: :iconvbros: :iconshe-ra-fan-club: :iconmacrossuniverse: :iconspacedinvaders: :icondivine-tutorials: :iconex-ter-mi-nate: :icondoctor-who-art: :iconcybermen-base: :iconbeavis-and-butt-head: :icondudewerawk: :icondwminatures: :iconnot-a-bounty-hunter: :iconaniskywalkerfanclub: :iconpapercraft-corner: :icontrueoptimusprimefans: :iconchibi-templates: :iconsavecaprica: :iconlego-star-wars-club: :iconlegofanclub: :iconhako-papercrafts: :icondd-catalogue: :iconsuperhero-crafts: :iconteam-venture: :iconclasssic-doctor-who: :iconkawaii-world: :iconaquaman-fans: :icondoctorwho----fanclub: :iconstarwars4ever: :iconhellokittyzombie: :iconeleven-and-all: :iconpaper-transformers: :iconthe-comic-book-clan: :iconhorror-papercraft: :iconthe-cookie-monsters: :iconepic-tardisness: :iconthedoompatrol: :icondoctorwhopapercraft: :icondwactionfigures: :iconscifipapercraft: :iconuniversalpapercraft: :iconstar-wars-elite:  :iconblitzwingfansunite: :iconghosts-fear-taps: :iconcrafty-doctor-who: :iconpaper-craft-geniuses: :iconstargatewraithqueens: :icondefiance-world: :icontron-the-arena: :icontron-legacy: :icontoy-photographers: :icongame-of-thrones-fans:

I belong too the Cubeecraft Fan Club! Check it out here!…


United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Industrial, Goth, Rock, EBM, Darkwave
Favourite style of art: Anime / Manga


:icondudewerawk: :iconstarfleet-x-bomber: :icontapsfanclub:


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SelkisFritz Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a lot for faving!:) (Smile) 
peterszebeni Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017   General Artist
Thank you or the favourite! :)
wallsofwoe Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ok, that's a really original gallery you've got. Fun stuff!
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Thanks! :)
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
Found the Target 2006 hardback in one of the newsagents today so yay! =)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
Cool! i was planning on going into town to get the book too but my arthritis in my ankle has been playing up today. will get it at the weekend i think.

So what is the next issue? is it just the UK stories? i think in the advert they might be doing the IDW and Dreamwave stuff too? i'm just really interested in the Marvel UK ones really.
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
weird i thought i linked this image earlier but i don't see it now

and yeah Issue 2 of the G1 Transformers is IDW's Stormbringer which ain't bad for IDW and issue 3 is Primal Scream from late in the Marvel US run which by that point was written by Furman anyways so was like the UK. I get issue 3 for free cos I subscribed from issue 2. =)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
You got them all now! Those Thundercats figures look great! You made up your mind if your are going to get the Thunder kittens yet? or you waiting to hear if the line gets picked up? i would think if it does get picked up Super7 would release them at some point.

Got Target 2006 today. do like the old G1 toy poster in it. hehe might pick up some others. not sure i will sub yet. but you do get some cool extras. those bookends may come in handy with them. hehe
(1 Reply)
Carnivius Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
Two Lion-O's… I still like the Bandai figure (and love the way the small sword can fit into the glove... on Matty it's a whole seperate glove with molded sword handled all one piece) but the Matty does have the better sculpt, colours and 3 fingered glove accurate to the show. :)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
The Bandai figure is still cool. but the Matty one does look great. hopefully i can find one for cheap if i'm lucky to go with my He-Man figures. i'm still looking for the Batman and superman figures that come out a few months ago that uses the He-Man body too. would look all cool together.

I heard some new about the Thundercats and He-man lines when they move over to super 7. looks like they are going to release some Ultimate editions of the main Masters figures. and the Thundercats line is still in the air but things are said to be going the right way for the line to continue. so you might have to track down Kit and Kat.
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